Future Heartbreaker?

My 3.5 year old has her giant sock monkey on the arm chair and my tall green foam roller at the far end of our rug, also known as her dance stage.

“Mommy, ” she tells me. “I have 2 boyfriends. Sock monkey is my home boyfriend and the foam roller is my dance boyfriend.”

“Two boyfriends? Why do you need two boyfriends?” I ask her. ( I didn’t bother to get into a discussion about why my foam roller was acting as her boyfriend. Sometimes, you just gotta go with it.)

“Because sometimes my home boyfriend is at work and when he’s at work I want to dance so I need a boyfriend to dance with me.”

Oh dear.

Watch out, boys!


3 responses to “Future Heartbreaker?

  1. Debbie Arenth/Nana Debbie/Mom

    she’s already got her priorities straight. Sometimes you get lucky and they come in the same package!

  2. There’s nothing wrong with holding out for a man (or woman) who can dance. It’s worth the wait, P-nizzle!! (And, strangely, I think she might actually be able to pull off the two boyfriends act and even get the two boyfriends to be ok with it. She seems capable of something like that. Special girl. 🙂 )

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