Future Heartbreaker – Epilogue

This morning Penelope plods into the kitchen.

“Mommy. My giant sock monkey is now sleeping in Cecilia’s bed with her sock monkey. Cecilia and I now sleep in my bed. I don’t sleep with my boyfriend anymore.”

Oh man.

“Ok,” I say. “And why don’t you sleep with your sock monkey anymore?”

“You mean my boyfriend?” she corrects me.

“Right, your boyfriend,” I answer.

“Well, I don’t live with him anymore. My dad said I can’t live with anyone except my dad and my mom.”

Okey dokey. We shall see what tomorrow will bring in the dramatic life of 3.5 year old Penelope Mae Bahnson. And these are the days of her lives…


2 responses to “Future Heartbreaker – Epilogue

  1. Debbie Arenth/Nana Debbie/Mom

    That’s it! I am going to eat that baby! (Inside/family joke for those who might worry about this nana’s intentions.)
    They are all good.

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