Workout From Hell 1

I never really believed in hell, until this morning when I travelled to hell and back…8 times.

My workout this morning was described as this — the exact words written by Coach DM:

Flat Dirt: 3 mile warm up, then 90″ hard with 45″ easy btw each set x 8!  Hard is HARD!!!  I mean run all out for 90 full seconds- you should feel like you want to die at 45 but you have to keep going.  This is a very hard work out.  Treat it with respect and be proud of the effort.  TIME on your GARMIN doesn’t matter.  This is all about the lungs and legs.  Just run hard!  PUNCH it and then recover.  You should HATE me around the 4th one.  2 mile cool down, VERY EASY.

I went into the workout knowing it would be hard, but I suppose I didn’t realize how hard.

90″ interval #1 — Yes, I wanted to die at 45 seconds. Die, cry then puke. But I kept going. Flailing really. With incredibly spastic breathing. My arms were going numb and I felt like my legs were going to buckle at any moment.  I imagine I looked pretty  insane. Perhaps I punched it too hard?

45″ second recovery #1 – My thoughts: Hmm, I’d hate DM around the 4th one? How about after number #1. Oh shit, 45 seconds are over. BAM. Do it again. AHHHHH.

That was pretty much how it went for all 7 intervals that remained. I wanted to cry, puke and die with every single 90″ hard interval. Yup, it was pure hell.

But, I’m glad I did it, and looking back, I’d say it was even somewhat fun. The thought has even crossed my mind that I’d like to do that workout again sometime. Yup, I’m officially crazy.

This morning I felt and looked like the bottom image!


6 responses to “Workout From Hell 1

  1. Good for you Maggie! You looked awesome when we saw you the other day, nothing like that picture – which is cracking me up!

  2. Margarita! Great job… love the blog… keep up the great work… you inspire me!

  3. Ya, I’ve had that one. She likes to create pain…

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