My Church

I’m not a church goer. (I can hear my mom saying, “Oh, Maggie.”) Sure, I grew up Catholic, took first communion. Almost every Sunday my family would attend mass at St. Benedict’s Church and then hit the Pizza Hut for lunch. I got married in a Catholic church, much to Fred’s initial resistance, and my kids were baptized Catholic. (Honestly, I’m surprised none of us have been struck by God’s lightning bolt yet.) But over time, I’ve fallen off the Catholic bandwagon and simply have no interest in attending church in the traditional sense.

So what to do I do on Sundays? I run. And when I run, I find my own peace, my calm, my time for questioning and reflection, all while embraced by the sights, sounds and beauty of nature.

Sunday morning at More Mesa - all are welcome.



6 responses to “My Church

  1. Your posts are inspiring, the stories of the kids are fabulous and I love to see the views from the top of your runs 🙂 This short paragraph conveyed my thought so succinctly, thankyou.

  2. The most majestic church of all. Keep it up, Maggie.

    • Yes, majestic indeed! I’m wondering what kind of “church” I will find in Corvallis. I have no doubt in my mind that I will find some incredible places/spaces to spend my Sunday mornings…they’ll just look different than here…which is a good thing. I’m very open-minded!

  3. I’m Catholic too and been feeling the same way about it…just going through the motions of going to mass, getting the kids to CCD, etc, but it’s on my long runs that I feel more connected to God, it’s when I pray…I wish I had those views you have there! Beautiful!

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