Hunky Jesus*

*I have to credit and thank  TY for providing me with the name “Hunky Jesus.” 

I recently watched the incredibly inspiring movie Unbreakable: The Western States 100. This movie focused on 4 of the greatest ultramarathon runners on their quest to win the 100 mile foot race in 2010.  Yup, 100 miles. 100 gnarly miles from Squaw Valley to Auburn, CA on mountain trails. These participants are supremely bad-ass.

I instantly fell in love with the movie, watched it twice over the course of a weekend, and developed a new crush on ultrarunner Anton Krupicka, aka Hunky Jesus. What’s not to love…he wears little shorts, with and without button up shirts, he logs triple digit miles weekly, he is as agile as a mountain goat,  and he is nerdy smart. He’s my new idol.

If this is my church...

Is this my Jesus? (photo by Glen Delman)


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