While I’m living life running around in circles (both literally and figuratively) in Santa Barbara, my older brother lives his colorful life in LA…Venice to be exact. He is finishing up his Master’s degree at the USC School of Cinematic Arts. He is doing what he loves – he makes movies. It’s pretty dope.

One of his documentaries will be airing on the Documentary Channel tomorrow (Thursday) night at 10pm. It’s a cool documentary about:

Skateboarding. Three Kids. Venice, CA. A school for skateboarders. A ramp. A skatepark. A skateshop. Mentors. Responsibility, choice, learning. Becoming men. Becoming adults. This line, that line, which line? Sick tricks, rad lessons about life, struggle, futures, learning from mistakes, learning from the positive.

Watch it on the Documentary Channel. Thursday. 10pm.


2 responses to “Lines

  1. Too bad , your Dad said we dont have documentary channel. We are glad we watched it before in LA.

  2. Yea, we don’t have it either. Good thing we watched in in LA and we have the DVD! Pretty awesome it’s being shown on that channel though!

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