Cecilia often tells me what she wants to be when she grows up. The little girl has quite an imagination, a love for art and construction projects, and an eye for detail.  I imagine she will grow up to do some cool things. Her list of desired occupations has grown to include the following:

-A diamond miner

-A factory owner

-A scientist who climbs trees and learns about animals who live up high

-A builder in Shantytown

-An artist

I particularly like the Artist, because I’m one who lacks any sort of artistic skill/talent. (I’ve apologized to my Draw Something friends as well as to the dozens of 1st graders who were exposed to my drawing skills during my years as a teacher.) I thoroughly enjoy witnessing my daughter’s passion for art and the way her personality comes out in her artwork. I am a firm believer in the arts as a means of learning and expressing oneself in and out of the classroom. I hope that she continues to enjoy the arts and that her new school in Oregon provides as many opportunities for artistic creativity, exploration and expression as does her current school here in Santa Barbara.

C's "Swirl Tree" and Georgia O'Keefe inspired flowers


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