The Next Annika Sorenstam?

“Mommy? Do I have golf today?” Penelope asks at least once a week.

Yes, golf. Through her wonderful preschool, Penelope gets to attend Guppie Golf every other week at the golf course just down the street. I was skeptical at first and didn’t think she’d enjoy golf. As someone who has never enjoyed playing or watching golf, I didn’t think a bunch of preschoolers would find it fun. I was wrong. Penelope LOVES golf, apparently opens up quite a bit on the golf course and has been told by her golf coach that she’s a natural heavy hitter, or power hitter.  What’s the golf term?  Anyway, her Lolo (Filipino grandpa) is ecstatic! Finally, there may be someone in the family who is willing to travel the world with him in search of the best golf courses.  

We’ll probably have to work on her golf attire before she shows up at Pebble Beach.

Coach Sally giving Penelope some pointers.


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