It should be obvious by now that at 3.5 years old, Penelope is boy crazy.

“Mommy…I can’t wait to go to school tomorrow,” she said tonight.

“Why?” I ask, even though I know the answer because she tells me the same thing day after day.

“Because I am going to see Shane and Eli, my boyfriends!”

“Boyfriends? 2 boyfriends? Why 2 boyfriends?” I ask.

“Well, Eli is my real boyfriend,” she explains.

“And Shane?” I ask.

“Shane?” she looks up and shrugs. “He’s just my love thing.”

Holy crap we’re gonna have our hands full when she’s a teenager.


2 responses to “Trouble

  1. When I was in nursery school and kindergarden, I distinctly remember my FATHER (!!!) encouraging me to have as many boyfriends as I could. He thought it was very unhealthy to become codependent, to which having just one boyfriend would clearly lead. It and the rest of my folks parenting created a very (perhaps too?) independent lady. I am delighted by your daughter’s inclinations!!! xoxo

  2. haha! that child says the funniesst things!

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