Move Over Blake Mycoskie

Your Toms might have some competition.

Cecilia has said she wants to own a factory. Perhaps it will be a shoe factory?

We got home one day from school and Cecilia found some thin foam sheets from a recent package we received. She went into the playroom for a period of time and next thing I know, she comes out wearing homemade shoes.

Don’t ask me how she made them because I have no idea.  Give her some foam and duct tape and anything can happen!

The shoe designer and her shoes…yes they fit!

Up close

C asked me to buy her more foam, duct tape and decorations so that she can custom make shoes for her friends. She wants to sell them, so if you’re interested, message me. 🙂 She also wants people to know that if you supply materials, she will charge you less for the shoes. 


4 responses to “Move Over Blake Mycoskie

  1. beginning of a good future in shoe industry. nana joy wants you to make a pair for her.

  2. oh my gosh. I wonder where the “shoe thing” came from…. Maggie?, Nana Joy?, Tita Malia??! Tell her I think those are SOOOO COOOOL.
    I might need a pair, but you can wait until you can measure my feet. Also she should ask her dad what HE can do with newspaper and duct tape!

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