Penelope (the 4 year old) was in the shower this afternoon.

“Ok, Penelope. Time to wash up. Be sure to scrub your bottom,” I told her.

“And my PEANUTS?” she yelled above the sound of the shower.

“Peanuts?” I asked.

“Yes, PEANUTS!” she yelled again.

“Umm…you mean penis? You don’t have a penis,” I told her.

“No, PEANUTS. And yes, I do.”

“No, a penis is what a boy has,” I tried to explain.

“No, Mommy. It’s my PEANUTS. Ok? My PEANUTS is my PA-JIE-NA!” she explained to me.

“No, Penelope. It’s a penis that you are talking about, and you don’t have one! You have a vagina but not a penis.”

“Mommy. It’s Peanuts. And I do have one. Ok? I do,” she said again, clearly frustrated.

Oh dear god.


One response to “Peanuts?

  1. Ha ha ha ha !!!

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