Unleash the Artist

I am NOT an artist. Seriously. I draw basic stick figures and all my animal drawings look like cats. I apologize to my Draw Something friends all the time. When I was a 1st grade teacher, my drawing examples were always examples of what NOT to do. I don’t draw, paint, sculpt, shape…there’s no creative bone in my body.

So, I was more than a bit nervous when I agreed to attend an LLS fundraiser at the Painted Cabernet. What is The Painted Cabernet? Here is a blurb from their website:

The Painted Cabernet speaks to the artist in all of us. The upscale urban studio, located in the heart of downtown Santa Barbara, offers a friendly, hip and creative environment for an evening on the town…If you haven’t painted since elementary school, step into The Painted Cabernet and your inner artist will be rekindled. Our instructional artist will walk you step by step through the painting experience giving one-on-one instruction while giving you the time to sip a little wine, visit with your neighbor, listen to some great music and have a fun night out. The studio offers oodles of fabulous choices for your personal masterpiece, and offers fabulous wines from the Santa Barbara region, allowing you to “sip and stroke in style.”

I was pleasantly surprised by the experience I had last night.  In fact,  I was absolutely shocked by how much fun I had! The Painted Cabernet offers a very safe, low-stress, fun and  lively environment for the artistically challenged. I was able to follow the teacher’s step-by-step instructions, though of course the wine and fun music really helped me feel comfortable. Each person’s piece looked different and unique and impressive, and I was thoroughly impressed with my own finished product. If I can do it, anyone can do it!

Works in Progress at the Painted Cabernet

My finished product

Our Masterpieces


One response to “Unleash the Artist

  1. wow. There are creative juices at work there, Maggie!

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