That’s a Wrap

I distinctly remember 5 years ago, Fred, Cecilia and I driving away from the luscious green West Hills of Portland, Oregon with Billy Bragg & Wilco’s California Stars playing in our Subaru Outback wagon. We were heading for Santa Barbara, CA, and boy was I excited!

We made one overnight stop in Corvallis, OR to spend an evening with Fred’s family friends Cindy and Al.  I can’t remember exactly what we did with Cindy and Al, but I am sure it involved eating fresh fish that Al caught himself and a homemade hand-picked berry dessert by Cindy. From Corvallis, it was one straight shot to Santa Barbara for Fred’s general surgery residency. 

5 years, another kid, and 19,600 work hours later, we are heading back to Oregon…to Corvallis nonetheless. Our marriage survived the hell called General Surgery Residency and we even managed to raise 2 beautiful,  somewhat well-mannered girls to ages 4 and 7. 

Oregon has a lot to offer us, and it really is a better place for our family. In Corvallis we have close family, friends (and favorite restaurants!) in nearby Portland, and access to hiking, skiing, rivers, backpacking and more. We will be able to afford a bigger house and more land — space for our new dogs, chickens, gardens, wood shop, miniature horses and alpaca.  Gotta run those last two by Fred first. We always saw ourselves going back to Oregon to settle down, and I know we will have an amazing life up there. However, I will admit, I’ve become very fond of Santa Barbara, more so than I realized, and I will for sure miss California!


5 responses to “That’s a Wrap

  1. Must say that I was teary eyed imagining you leaving your life down there. I know part of that is ecstasy at the thought of being closer to you, but I do know the feeling of leaving a place that has been a good home.
    You have made the best of your time and lived as full a life as you could down there.

  2. Life is about chapters. I’m so glad I got to be part of your Santa Barbara chapter. Good luck in Corvallis–especially with your chickens, miniature horses and alpacas! Perhaps we can reconnect when I make one of my many journeys up to Portland. I’m heading up that way in mid-August. Santa Barbara is sad to see you go, but Corvallis will wrap its big warm arms around you and your adorable family!

  3. All the best Maggie. Sorry we won’t see your face on the bike path anymore but I’m sure you’ll find so many great running paths there. Good luck and keep us updated as you journey towards Chicago!

    • Thank you Celeste! I think I saw you running the day before we left town, up near Shoreline Park. I’ll miss seeing you on the running paths, too! I will definitely post about my Chicago Marathon training…so far going well!

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