The other night after a late dinner in Ashland, Oregon, we were walking back to our hotel. We walked by a bench that had a red solo cup on it.

“Look, a red solo cup,” Penelope pointed out to us.

As we continued walking, Cecilia sighed heavily and said, “I’m ready to get on the couch and go to sleep. It’s way past my bedtime.”

A beat later, Penelope starts dancing and singing, “Red solo cup. I fill you up. Let’s have a pawty. Let’s have a pawty…” Yup, the 4 year old gets her second wind at 9:30 at night. She’s definitely going to be the party-animal.

This is yet another example of how different my 2 children are. They come from the same two parents (Fred assumes) and have been raised under very similar conditions. While I see a lot of myself and Fred in Cecilia, Penelope often makes me ask myself, “Where did she come from?”

So different, but we love them both!

The Elder

The Wild One


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