Help Save Stephanie!

One of my beloved Team in Training teammates is married to my husband’s highly esteemed former residency program director. Their daughter, a beautiful young woman named Stephanie, was very recently diagnosed with an aggressive form of leukemia. She is in need of a bone marrow transplant, and you can help by joining the Bone Marrow Registry and possibly being the match that will save her life.

If you are in the Santa Barbara area, SB Team in Training is hosting a bone marrow drive on Tuesday, July 24th from 4-9pm at Casa Blanca Restaurant. Here is the Facebook Event Page if you are interested: Facebook Event- Help Save Stephanie!

If you are not local, please visit to find a bone marrow drive near you. Or, order a swab kit by mail, which is what Fred and I just did. All the information you need is at

It’s a simple, painless cheek swab that can help save Stephanie’s life. I urge you to join the Bone Marrow Registry. 


One response to “Help Save Stephanie!

  1. I am with TNT (Florida) and our entire family just became registered with marrow registry because of a young woman we met online (AML). Of course, our registry is good for all patients with whom we might match. Our adult son’s kit was the last to arrive and we just swabbed him today. I had to withdraw my own, I have very recently been diagnosed with MM-1. Please, please, take the take to sign up the adult members of your family for this very important cause. No one know from where the match may come. You are giving the gift of life.

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