My New Stomping Grounds

I’ve traded the ocean views for the luscious forests and beautiful farmland. While I miss Santa Barbara and running where the mountains meet the ocean, Corvallis reminds me of home and growing up in the rural forests and farmland of southeastern Wisconsin.

Here in Oregon, I’ve quickly discovered fabulous new places to run, one such place being the trails through McDonald Forest. I love the trees here, the many green shades of moss and ferns, the bed of pine needles under my feet, and the smell of fresh, moist dirt.  

The road to Lewisburg Saddle


McDonald Forest

The trees welcome me.


5 responses to “My New Stomping Grounds

  1. Many of my equine friends ride on those same paths. Understand that when approaching horses, they don’t always understand what you are until they hear your voice. Give them your voice when you know you are approaching riders. Lucky you to be so close to that beautiful area to run. Welcome to my world. Whether in running shoes or on horseback, it’s heaven.

  2. Thanks for the tips, Aunt Christie. On my run today, I was just thinking about how I need to learn proper etiquette when horses are on the trail. I do not want to scare them!

  3. So glad you quickly found great new routes!

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