Chocolate Lover’s Paradise

While listening to the radio this morning, we heard a commerical for chocolate covered bacon.

“Yum. Who wouldn’t love that? It’s chocolate AND bacon!” exclaimed Cecilia.

“Not Grandma Doris. Grandma Doris wouldn’t eat chocolate covered bacon. She’s allergic to chocolate,” said Penelope.

“Not anymore…” Cecilia responded.

“Yea, ‘cuz she’s dead,” Penelope said matter-of-factly.

“Yea,” said Cecilia. “I bet she LOVES chocolate now!”

Kids say the darndest things?

(Fred encouraged me to blog this one. He’s confident that his Grandma Doris would have appreciated the girls’ conversation. She was tough as nails with a great sense of humor, and it’s awesome that the girls still talk about her.)


2 responses to “Chocolate Lover’s Paradise

  1. Ohmygosh. That is adorable! And yes…they DO say the darndest things.

  2. That is so funny! Love you blogs Maggie – XO!!

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