Chocolate, Vanilla or Swirled?

I was texting with my friend RR this afternoon. Today’s topic was once again parenting, and as we were going back and forth, she told me I had to blog it. So here it is:

Me: Is it bad that my kids refer to skin colors as chocolate and vanilla?

RR: Omg so funny!

Me: Yup. Cecilia asked Penelope about her friend Yadira. She asked her, “Penelope, is your friend Yadira chocolate?” And Penelope said, “No, her skin is vanilla.”

RR: How do they see themselves?

Me: Caramel.

RR: OMG. So funny!!

Me: Actually, C says she is more chocolate-caramel and P is more vanilla-caramel. They also call themselves “swirled.”

And that is skin color broken down by a 7 and 4 year old. It does remind me of when I was in the 3rd grade in rural Wisconsin. I was drinking chocolate milk, and one of my vanilla skinned classmates said to me, “I know why you are brown! It’s because you drink chocolate milk!” He was so excited, as if he had just made some brilliant discovery. Ah, kids.

For those of you with swirled kids like mine, Swirl Syndicate has some awesome t-shirts to dress your children. We have the “I’m Swirled” and “Mixed Tape” t-shirts, compliments of Tito Jose, the girls’ chocolate uncle.


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