Melt Down on Brooklane

Fifteen minutes into my run this morning, I was on the side of Brooklane Drive in tears, and not joyful tears. I jogged/walked the remaining 25 minutes fighting tears and discomfort. I’m sure morning commuters were looking at me thinking, “Why doesn’t that crazy woman in hysterics JUST STOP RUNNING?!?!”

I did my last long run this past Saturday — 20 miles (my 3rd 20 miler) with the 2nd 10 at race pace. It (and the previous 15 weeks leading up to it) seemed to have taken everything out of me. Yesterday and today, my body was hurting. What started as little niggles in the shins/calves seem to be developing into something more serious, something that sounds like shin splints.

Nearly 100% of running is mental, but today my mind could not get my body through the discomfort in my shins, calves and quad. The physical discomfort, the mental fight…it all came out in a flood of waterworks this morning. Sometimes a girl just needs a good cry, right?

Sometimes a runner also just needs a good rest, and that is what has been prescribed by my amazing friend/coach Tom. As suggested by Tom, the rest of this week will involve NO speedwork but a few easy runs, a sports massage, some yoga, and time to rest and enjoy life.  All these things will help me physically and mentally recover this week, and then we will reassess early next week.

When I described all of this to my husband, I told him I had a breakdown. My very wise husband told me, “You had a meltdown NOT a breakdown. You didn’t break. You melted out there. But when you cool down you will re-solidfy.” Can you tell he was a physics major and Enginerd prior to going into general surgery?

Despite this meltdown, I still believe in myself, and I believe that I will get to Chicago physically and mentally prepared to race.


6 responses to “Melt Down on Brooklane

  1. That husband of yours is pretty darn smart. I still believe in you, too. Probably just had a bad day…it happens. Chicago will be awesome!

    • Thanks, Rita. I’ve been pretty fortunate and can count this season’s “bad” training days on one hand. Chicago will be awesome no matter what! At this moment, I’m feeling more excited than nervous!

  2. Maggie! You are strong and capable and I KNOW you will rock this marathon! Hang in there, sister, and enjoy this much-needed week of rest.

  3. Ah Maggie, that sucks!! I ALWAYS suffer from lower leg issues. So I completely understand. I really hope they get better in time for the big C! Running she is a cruel mistress. I’m crossing all fingers and toes a rest week is all you need!!

  4. Oh that is great what F said. I’m gonna have to remember that. He’s good- all his ADJUST and stuff 🙂 Any better?

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