You Can Take the Girl Out of the Midwest…

Since moving to Corvallis, Oregon, the football lover in me has emerged in full force.

Growing up in Wisconsin, the fall season always meant football. I remember Sunday afternoons spent alternating between watching football indoors and playing in the colorful maple forest just steps away from my front door. God I loved fall as a kid. And I still do. 

As a kid who was born in Brooklyn, NY, I followed my parents’ lead and often routed for the Giants. Then, as we ticked off years in Wisconsin, we became Green Bay Packers fans. Talk about hardcore — they played in the bitter cold and snowy weather. That was amazing to me. It was kinda cool when the Chicago Bears won the Super Bowl (given that I grew up just 2 hours north of Chicago, over the Illinois/Wisconsin border) mainly because they did that fun Super Bowl Shuffle song and dance. I believe I still have that record at my parents’ house. But other than that, I was programmed to be very anti-Chicago teams. That’s how we roll in Wisconsin.

These days, I am loyal to 2 football teams: In NFL football, it’s the Packers all the way. Aaron Rodgers is my man. And now that I live in Corvallis, a college-town through and through, I’ve become a devoted Oregon State University Beavers fan. I’d like to think that my moving to Corvallis made the Beavers step up their game this year!

Even my girls have come to love football. In fact, lately the only time they watch TV is when we watch a football game. I know what you’re thinking. Football? Isn’t that barbaric? Instead of emphasizing the tackling and perhaps violent aspect of the game, we look at the athleticism, speed, agility and grace of some of those players. My kids have come to respect the football players, and of course they’ve made their own interesting observations about the players.

Cecilia’s observation while watching the Beavers play: Football players look goooood. They must have a lot of girlfriends.

Penelope’s observation while watching the SF Niners vs. the Arizona Cardinals: That team is the Angry Birds! Are they angry? (They most likely were angry since they lost that game to the Niners!)

Enough said.

Jordan Poyer of the OSU Beavers. Yea…he looks pretty gooood!

Angry Birds!



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