A couple of weeks ago, I opened an email from Cecilia’s 2nd grade Class Parent. As I read through it, my eyes widened when I saw, “2nd Grade Mushroom Field Trip to Mary’s Peak.”  My initial thoughts included, “Mushroom Field Trip? Really? That’s so neat! Only at Waldorf…”

I immediately volunteered to chauffeur 4 crazy 2nd graders on this mushroom hunting field trip since 1) I’ve never been to Mary’s Peak and 2) I’ve never been mushroom hunting. Then I emailed our friend Cindy knowing she’d LOVE to go on this field trip with us.

The field trip this morning did not disappoint. It was a beautiful day to be on Mary’s Peak surrounded by big leaf maples and towering conifers. Our trip was led by one of the other parents, Boris – a mushroom enthusiast with an accent to fit his name. He knew exactly where to find the coveted chanterelle mushrooms. The kiddos collected many chanterelles and they plan to use them to make a soup tomorrow.

Our friend Cindy is also a mushroom lover, and it was awesome to have her leading a few of us on our hike through the woods.

At the end of the trip, I felt incredibly thankful for so many things: a morning in the beautiful outdoors of the Pacific Northwest, my daughter’s teacher for organizing this field trip, the interesting people I’ve met through the girls’ school, the proximity of a place like Mary’s Peak, living in Corvallis…Yup, life is pretty sweet in this corner of the country.

Goin’ on a mushroom hunt…

Cecilia loved this tree.

Cindy leading the troops!

shelf mushrooms

Beautiful corral mushroom


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