It’s a Pwobwem

My 4-year-old Penelope is quite the character. She’s funny, loud, creative and more than a wee bit crazy, which we love, of course. I often try to imagine her as an adult living her day-to-day life. What will she be when she grows up? So many things come to mind such as a dancer, yoga teacher, coffee shop owner, zookeeper, early childhood Waldorf teacher, actress…really a performer of some kind. Perhaps even a singer-songwriter?

She woke up one morning and came up with this song I’ve titled “It’s a Pwobwem.” (Translation: It’s a Problem.) She sang it to me while lazing around in my bed instead of getting up to get ready for school.

Take a listen. (The video is boring, but I had recorded the audio on my iphone Voice Memo app. I couldn’t figure out how to load the audio onto this blog, so I made a short shaky video of P “sleeping” and added the audio to the video. I’m no film maker or film editor. I’ll get tips from my bro for future vids.)


One response to “It’s a Pwobwem

  1. Sooooo cute! And impressed you could adds sound to a video…I looked and looked and can’t figure out how to do that!

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