It was a dark, stormy drive through the deep dark wood of the Suislaw National Forest. We had left Corvallis at 4:00am for the 3 hour drive to Coos Bay, birthplace of running legend Steve Prefontaine. As we crossed the bridge into North Bend, the sky finally started showing signs of daybreak, giving us much needed relief from the 3 hours of rainy, foggy driving.

Three words that came to mind upon entering Coos Bay: REALLY F*$%ING WET. Luckily for me, I wasn’t in Prefontaine’s hometown to run one of his training courses. We were there for Cecilia’s Sectional Meet for gymnastics.

It still amazes me how happy and energetic, yet calm and focused Cecilia is at her meets. Meanwhile, I’m sitting in the spectator seats nervous and jittery, particularly when watching her on beam, which was her first event this morning. No need for me to be nervous, though. Cecilia stayed poised on beam, moved with power on the floor, demonstrated control and strength on the bars, and confidently attacked the vault. She had a fantastic meet, placed in all 4 events and finished 5th overall (out of 20 girls) in her age division. Of course, the scores and placements are just numbers. She simply LOVES gymnastics, loves doing her routines and  loves being at the meets with her teammates/friends.  At the end of the day, she was all smiles and so proud of herself. That is what matters most to us.


C’s inspiration: The Fierce Five. She made this right when we got home from Sectionals.


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