Hard Times

Cecilia had a week off from school for Thanksgiving break, so she decided to do some writing. Here is the cover of the “book” that she wrote.

Hard Times by Cecilia Bahnson

The text reads as follows:

It was saterday and Sara was bord. ther was nothing to do. She coldint go to Olivia’s bikose [because] she Just moved, knit bikos she ran out of yarn, suwe [sew] bikos her suwing mashein broke…

so thar was nothing to do. So she look’d out her window for a wiel [while]……

Sudenly she salw 3 girls on pogo stiks    she dicidid to go and see if she cold borow one. the next morning it was the 1st day of summer and her Family was going on vicashon to califonia. Sara was so exsided bikos she was going to stay with Olivia and she scrimde [screamed] At the top of her lungs…


at last it was time to go but gus [guess] wat [what]     Thar flit [flight] was canseld. wen thay got home Sara stampt up stars and then fluw [flew] bake [back] down   But then she stumbled and fel hed ferst and landed at the botum of the stars. and it ternd out she brok a leg so she went to the hospidel and about 12 of her freinds sind [signed] her cast. then about a week later Olivia came to visit but then went to the wrong hospidel. then finily Olivia sinde Saras cast and finily she got to take off her cast.

That vary nexst day was fall   the 1st day of school   math was horabel   Saras bran [brain] cold not thingk   finily the school day was finished. for diner thay had orenge chikin.

The next morning Olivia got to visit Saras  school   after school thay went to the airport and flew to california. the ferst thing thay did was go to the beach. it was grate! then they went to california pizza kichin for lunch. Sara was happy to be with Olivia. Olivia gave a necles with half a hart. Olivia had a nekles with the other half and thay fit together. Thay were both RILY happy.

The end.





One response to “Hard Times

  1. Life can be tough.

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