Blazing Trails in 2013

I am a runner. I am a planner. So it shouldn’t be too surprising that 2012 isn’t quite over yet and I’ve already planned out my race schedule and training well into the summer of 2013.

Most of 2012 was spent road racing, which meant a lot of miles pounding the pavement. I absolutely LOVED it — fast, smooth miles on the even pavement, long runs touring all of Corvallis…training for a marathon is a wonderful way to get to know a new place! I challenged myself, discovered new strength within me, and I set huge personal records in both the half and full marathon distances. Yet at the same time, the road took a toll on my body, and my mind and soul missed the trails.

I’m fortunate to live a hop, skip and jump away from the McDonald Forest – home to an extensive trail system. One ultrarunner once told me, “In the Mac Forest, you can train for any ultramarathon distance and never get bored. You might get lost, but you won’t get bored. AND, with the elevation gain/loss in the Mac Forest, you’d be ready for just about any ultra race.”

I’m also fortunate to live in a state that has so many trail races from which to choose. Every race in the Oregon Trail Series appeals to me.

So to challenge myself in 2013, I’ve decided to go beyond the road, beyond the marathon, into the hills of the Mac Forest and train for my first 50K trail race. That’s about 31 miles on trail, roughly 6 hours of running through the woods. I’ve got a 50K in mind for June. On the way to the 50K, I’ve signed up for the Hagg Lake 25K in February, and I plan on running the Peterson Ridge Rumble 20 Mile Trail Run in April. The 50K will be in June, and if all goes well, perhaps another 50K in September and then maybe a 50 miler???

Training officially starts on December 10th. I think I’m entering the world of CRAZY. And the craziest thing is that it sounds FUN!

Training Grounds


3 responses to “Blazing Trails in 2013

  1. WOW, Maggie!! I’m so impressed! Can’t wait to follow your progress here. 😉

  2. OOF!!! Wowzers!! Good Luck!!

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