Breakfast with Santa

Growing up in a small town, my brother and I often found ourselves in the local newspaper — for good things, of course! The local paper always liked to have pictures and articles featuring students from the local elementary and high schools.  Back then, my brother and I were both pretty good students who played musical instruments and played school sports. Yea, can you believe it? If we were in the paper, it was usually for school-related events such as band concerts, honor rolls, Battle of the Books competitions, spelling bees, etc. My mom saved every newspaper clipping and put them in photo albums. I can clearly see them in my mind…horrible 4th grade perm and all!

Last weekend, Fred and I took the girls to have Breakfast with Santa at Sybaris Restaurant in Albany. A photographer was there taking pics for both the Albany and Corvallis papers. He stopped to take some pics at our table and asked the girls their names and ages. And whaddaya know? They were in Sunday’s paper!

newspaper 1

A bit blurry, but there they are talking to Santa. This is the start of saving newspaper clippings.

newspaper 2

Even though we spelled it for the photographer numerous times, he still spelled Cecilia wrong. Oh well.

I asked Penelope, “Did you tell Santa what you want for Christmas?”

“Yup,” she said. “I want a new bed. A wider and a bigger and a fluffier one to hold more animals.”

A bed? She asked Santa for a bed? Seriously, the girl has the most comfortable bed in our house! What a nut!





One response to “Breakfast with Santa

  1. That girl has her priorities straight! They sure look like serious pancake decorators. Yup! Start that clippings file!

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