Sexy Pa

Cecilia and I started reading the Little House on the Prairie books by Laura Ingalls Wilder. Currently, we are on the 3rd book, Farmer Boy. We are really enjoying the books and imagining life in the olden days.

So at the library the other day, I decided to check out a DVD compilation of 3 Little House on the Prairie shows. Do you remember that show? Melissa Gilbert as Laura. She was such a cutie! Michael Landon as Pa…

After the 3rd episode, I came to a realization about Pa. Here’s my realization: Pa was HAWT. I immediately texted my friend GK, because I knew she had watched that show as a young girl. Our text messages warranted a blog post. GK’s idea, not mine!

Me: The girls and I are watching an episode of Little House on the Prairie. Dayum. Pa was HOT! So manly!

GK: OMG. I hope you are joking. Please don’t ever say that again. WTF Maggie!

Me:  Seriously! Michael Landon in that show! What a man! And such a kind neighbor and friend. Google it. You’ll see!

GK:  No no I remember that show. I don’t ever recall Michael Landon being hot. LOL. Who are you? Lmao!!

Me: Omg. Seriously he is hot now that we (you and I) are adults!!

GK: shaking my head…

Me: His back, shoulders, ass. He’s in good shape from building houses and barns and shit.

GK: Jesus Maggie calm down. I never thought I’d see the day you lusted after Pa. I am seriously dying!!!!

I then sent her an email with two pictures of Pa, to which she responded, “Speechless. He’s all yours girlfriend. I am a little troubled by this…”

Come on, now. Don’t tell me Pa ain’t sexy!

Pa 1

Pa 2


One response to “Sexy Pa

  1. I think he is the hottest guy in TV ever!!

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