Eastern Divide 50K

My big running goal of 2013 is to complete my first ultramarathon trail race. I am officially registered for the Eastern Divide 50K in Virginia, which takes place in late June. Both Fred and I will partake in this adventure because why not, right? Well, it just so happens the race is less than a month before our 10 year wedding anniversary, so what better way to celebrate 10 years of marriage than by toughing it out together over 50kilometers of trail in the middle of nowhere? Wish us luck!



4 responses to “Eastern Divide 50K

  1. wish all the luck in the world. go for it.


  2. Thanks Dad! It will definitely be fun!

  3. Hope you had a great race last summer! This year’s event will be my first ultra. Based on your experience, what advice would you give to someone else who is a first timer at this event? I’m planning to wear a fuel belt and carry gel, but my biggest concern is footwear. Do you think trail shoes are a must for this race? I know it may be more of a personal preference, but I’d love to get some insight from someone who’s been on the race course before… Thanks for your time!

    • Hi Sara,
      Thanks for the comment. Unfortunately, I cannot help you much! I was supposed to run this race THIS summer, so in just a few weeks. But due to an IT band issue, I have to skip the race. I’m running a 50K in September instead. Have fun!

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