Kickstarter: About Abigail

This is a plug for my bro, who is chasing and living his dreams by writing/directing/producing films in LA. He, along with 5 other writer-directors, is working on a really cool project called About Abigail. It’s 5 short films combined into a feature. They’re trying to raise $15,000
for this project through a crowdfunding website called Kickstarter.  Supporters can choose to back this project by pledging any amount of money.
If they don’t hit their goal, nobody
gets charged.

Kickstarter has been around for a few years
and people are using it to raise money for all kinds of projects:
movies, theater renovations, book publishing, making records, starting
businesses…mainly creatives and entrepeneurs.  People will look
through Kickstarter to find projects they’d like to help out just for
the hell of it. It’s not a scam site…it’s actually very popular these
days and started a whole new way and genre of raising money.

I encourage you to check out my brother’s Kickstarter project About Abigail. Watch the video, read the description below it describing the concept, inspiration, risks and challenges, and then choose to back the project!

Click on About Abigail to watch the video and learn more about my brother’s project.





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