L’il Artists

Now and then I like to post pictures of my kids’ artwork. It’s a fun way for faraway friends and family to get a glimpse of one of their favorite hobbies. It is also a way for me to document the progress they have been making as budding artists. I’m always impressed with their progress, especially since I, myself, was never, ever, ever, an artist.  Like, ever.


Me and Cindy in the Garden by Penelope age 4.5

Untitled by Cecilia age 7.5

Untitled by Cecilia age 7.5

For this last one, I think Cecilia drew inspiration from our friend Rita who is a fabulous artist (and mom/cook/wife/photographer,etc) who often draws her inspiration from Hungarian folk art and flower patterns.


Pen and Paper Drawing by Cecilia


2 responses to “L’il Artists

  1. I am impressed with how they fill the page. And, Cecilia’s really do look like designs for tole painting or tiles. Fantastic!

    • Those are your talented grand children! I’m pretty sure the art gene comes from your side unless my parents have been keeping their drawing skills a secret from me! I had to google tole painting. I’ll have to show her pictures of examples.

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