For the Love of Africa

One wonderful thing about all my yoga training and teaching that I’ve been doing is that I’ve found a tribe of people who love yoga as much as I do and who believe in the transformative power of yoga, for individuals and for communities.

One such person is my friend Alexa — a strong, intelligent, courageous and inspiring young woman. Alexa plans to travel to Kenya this summer with the Africa Yoga Project.  There she will share her love of yoga and use her skills and passion to help empower individuals and communities through hands-on service projects.

As part of her commitment to the Africa Yoga Project, Alexa is raising money to support the organization and the service projects she will be doing while she is in Kenya. I encourage you to visit her fundraising website and read more about the Africa Yoga Project and how yoga empowers, inspires and connects individuals and communities. You can support Alexa and the Africa Yoga Project by donating directly to her website or by purchasing a t-shirt with the design below. T-shirts are $25 and come in both Mens’ and Womens’ styles. Send me a message if you would like a t-shirt.




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