Case Log Part 1

Portland Race for the Cure 5K, 2000, 2001, 2002

Portland Marathon, October 2004

Nike Run Hit Wonder (Portland) 5K, July 2005

Shamrock Run (Portland) 8K, March 2006

Helvetia Half Marathon, June 2006

Shamrock Run (Portland) 8K, March 2007

Santa Barbara Triathlon – Sprint Distance, August 2007

Carpinteria Triathlon – Sprint Distance, September 2007

Peabody 5K, 2009

Breath of Life Triathlon – Sprint Distance, June 2009

Carpinteria Long Distance Ocean Swim 2.2 miles, September 2009

Carpinteria Triathlon – Olympic Distance, September 2009

Chesebro Half-Marathon, March 2010

Are You Tough Enough, April 2010

Semana Nautica 15K, July 4, 2010

Nike Women’s Marathon, October 17, 2010 

Santa Barbara Wine Country Half Marathon, May 7, 201!


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